Sunday, February 24, 2008

confession time

I was going through some things this weekend and I gathered up most all of my unfinished knitting projects. I know that there is a sweater coat that is almost finished that I didn't drag out from the back room to take a photo of it- reason it's not finished? Too many times moving and now the pattern is lost- and all I need to knit is another sleeve, put it together, pick up stitches for the collar and the front button bands.

Here they are in all their glory..

Softest very expensive Japanese mohair yarn ever.. I was doing this in the doctor's office.. (what was I thinking? When I only had 6 rows knitted before I took it with me- I was doing fine- until I had some sort of knitting lapse and stopped in the middle of the row- when they called me in to see the doctor and then the stitches fell off the needles. I tried and tried.. and can't figure out how to get it back in pattern, since it's a 12 or 15 row repeat pattern. Sigh..

Plum sweater.. lovely yarn to knit with. However, I do not know where the pattern is.. le sigh.. Stopped because of torn left thumb injury..

Green cable slipper- a pattern that I designed and just haven't finished the other side following my written scribbled directions to see if I can figure out if I wrote down all the steps and that what I wrote down makes sense. Also, stopped when I injured my left thumb..

A simple slipper using mohair and acrylic yarn together- it was meant to be a gift- but, it got put aside to knit another gift. So, I need to just finish this and send it to someone later on.

Soft mohair scarfette- that I had knitted on a plane... things got busy.. knitting got put in a plastic bag/forgotten/had left torn thumb injury and couldn't knit for a few months... then, started on 'gift' knitting.

Lavender scarf- started during winter break- just need to add another skein or two of yarn to finish it up.

My first mitten- not finished because .. after I made this one.. I knitted a pair of mittens for a gift and I lost interest in finishing the other mitten for myself.

Blue cotton sweater. Pattern???? Who knows where it is.. that is what moving will do for you.

Peek a boo mitten that I worked on several weeks ago- but, it's really too big for me and I'm deciding if I should just make the other one or take this one out and cast on fewer stitches.

AND yet.. Saturday.. while waiting on friends who were shopping and I didn't want to go into the store and 'be tempted to buy anything' since, I had already purchased plenty of yarn that morning in the market.. and ..(before I realized how many unfinished knitting projects that I really did have) I started this sweater coat out of some new yarn that I bought this week:

And then today.. Sunday.. I started a new scarf.. with some of the new yarn that I bought on Saturday...

So, the plan is.. say no to any more starting of new projects. Of course, I must add that I have knitted everything that I have started in the past 6 weeks or so.
I just need to focus on finishing the above projects and not be tempted by the new pretty yarn.

All of these projects are also now living together in one big bag.. so, they are easy to find when I feel the new to start a new *cough* project.


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Lots of Mohair projects there :) I'm pretty good about not leaving UFO's laying around. But I have this afghan that has been sitting for a LONG time, I really need to finish it :) It's my oldest UFO.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

AND, the afternoon sun was so bright that it was shining through the living room window and washed out all of the colors so that most of them looked to be almost the same.. which they aren't.

But, then again.. it was nice to have sun 'that bright' in Korea- especially since 24 hours later- it started snowing.

Christine said...

Oh my! That's a lot of UFOs there :) But at least you have something to knit no matter what your knitting "mood of the moment" may be. I do hopt you manage to locate your missing patterns...

PS-love that yarn for the sweater coat, lovely shades!