Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ya gotta be tough to shop in Seoul..

As you enter the subway, you find signs illustrating the dangers of NOT LETTING THE DEPARTING SUBWAY PASSENGERS leave the subway car BEFORE you try to enter the SUBWAY.

(THIS is a big, big, big, big problem. It amazes me.. doors open and people push on before those departing can get off. They even have little feet placed on the floor of the platform, to the sides of the door openings of the subway cars, with Korean words explaining to wait for departing passengers.) They have had a subway system for about 25 years or more.

You have to keep your bearings in the subway, despite unexpected construction areas that have removed all direction signs and exit numbers.

And, my favorite, there are 'LIVE' commericals.. people selling things on the subway. It so reminds me of those late, late night tv commericals in the states.. You know the ones.. "IT SLICES, IT DICES.."
I try to resist, but I almost always buy whatever they are selling.

Be prepared to get stepped on at some point... *but, notice the black shoes, socks, and coat! Just doing my part to 'blend in.'

Your wardrobe should have a lot of 'black' clothing to blend in.. of course, I know that I don't really BLEND in all that well. The green eyes and light brown hair keep me from 'blending in' very well.

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Marykz said...

LOL- even the Metro here in Wash DC has the same problem with people pushing on before letting others off. the system has these recorded messages running constantly during "tourist" hours reminding people to let passengers OFF first. and my favorite- said in a stern, grandmother's voice: "Stand Clear of the Doors!" Black is also the color of choice for young bureaucrats...