Friday, November 2, 2007

GOOD NEWS.. I do not have TB.. so, no one will have to call me: ANDY(etta) the TB Gal (guy)

What's this? TB you say? What? WHY? Should I leave the site immediately in case I get infected? Why is she talking about TB? Am I at the right place? I thought this was about funny goings on in Korea and knitting (sometimes)??

Hold on to your horses.. cowpoke or should I say: "Person reading this blog right now who 'might be' freaking out about TB being mentioned in what is mostly a humorous blog."

I live in Asia and Asia along with many countries still has active TB cases- so, the military medical personnel come to our schools (on base) and give everyone, students and teachers, the needle 'injecting the liquid' under the skin for the TB TEST. And, three days later they come back to check everyone's 'injection site'... to see if we are 'positive or negative' for TB.

AND.. you'll be happy to know that I did not test positive for TB nor did any of the students that I took over for the testing. Whew! Of course, I never thought that I might have it anyway.

Oh, the funny part of the whole thing was though.. while I was waiting outside with half of my class, that didn't have to take the test, because they had: either already taken the test or had forgotten to return their permission slips.. and my other students were inside getting their test taken in the library.. (it was too crowded in there- or I would have taken my entire class in to wait).. and where we were standing we would see the other middle school students come out after having their 'test performed' and these kids were:

CRYING.. YES!! Crying! Face all blotchy and streaked with tears! Such drama!

I was standing there, waiting with my 6th grade art class and we were just staring at them in amazement-- because, you see.. the 6th graders, who weren't new to our school system, had gone through this the year before when they were still in the elementary. Finally, after we had witnessed several of the 'teary faced' big kids come out, a couple of my 6th graders said, "I don't know why they are crying, there's nothing to cry about." Wise words, several more mummered their agreement, we all nodded, and there was nothing more to add.

When I went inside to get my test done, I did ask the military medical tech if they'd already done the TB testing at the elementary school and he said that they had and that the little kids were certainly much braver than the middle school kids were. I nodded my agreement.

Fall is arriving late here- this is a photo, of my street, from just one week ago, almost the end of October.
Not much of a fall change, huh?

However, I did look down and saw the first sign of the coming fall....
Yes, little yellow ginkgo leaves.

It's only been cool enough to wear a lightweight jacket for the past 10 days. I'm afraid it might end up being a quick fall.. a few color changes and the next thing you know.. everything is just dead and brown and it's bitter cold.

I will go out to Isadong tomorrow and should have some good photos to share.

1. For some 'wacko' reason-- I wasn't able to access my blog site for the past few
2. I have been able to park in my favorite 3 parking places for the past 5 days. (that is a record)
3. The new Indian restaurant isn't open yet- but, I did see two trucks loaded with
big appliances out in front of it the other day. So, that is a good sign.
4. I'm glad that my red car and I would have lots of company- if I lived in the

Remember: Stay clear of anyone with TB symptoms: Coughing, fever, shortness of breath.. (sounds like it could be anything, right?) *Protect yourself and Start wearing that mask.. aka.. Michael J_ _ _ _ _ _.

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DawnK said...

Yeah, really. A TB skin test is nothing to cry about! It's just a little poke, that hurts for a few seconds and done! Glad you were negative, though.