Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jongjae Flower Market Part 2

Yesterday, I mentioned that there was a building with cut flowers. You buy them in groups of 10 flowers- not a dozen as in the states. Why? They use the metric system. Don't get jealous.. but.. 10 roses are only 3,000 won.. = or about $3.50 USA. :D

Most flowers are 2,000- 5,000 won per 10 flowers. I didn't buy any cut flowers- because, I was going to buy other things and wouldn't have room in my 'big shopping bag' to manage flowers and the bag too (I still can't manage carrying heavy things in the left hand)... but, I always go and look at them even if I don't buy them.

Each of the blue signs w/ numbers hanging from the ceilings is a different vendor.

A few of the vendors also make flower arrangements. However, there is actually another building that is just full of different vendors that make flower arrangements- kind of like having a mall full of flower shops! :D


Chris said...

Could the colors be more glorious? What a lovely place to wonder around! Thank you so much for the pictures, they made my day!

Patrizia said...

What a spectacular variety of flowers, so beautiful!