Friday, November 23, 2007

And the winner is...

CAREY.. who won the 'knitting bag' and will receive it in the mail soon.. Carey..please contact me w/ your mailing address.

Her name was selected in a 'simple' write the names down, fold the papers, and put them in a bowl (or flower pot in my case) and shut the eyes, stir the folded paper names well.. and pull one paper out..

Don't forget to read or re-read "Carey's post" in the Thanksgiving story.. found in an earlier blog entry.

Thank you everyone who took the time to post your experiences. They were so heartwarming and makes the world seem so much nicer when you read them.

You can continue posting your experiences.. but, unfortunately the contest (to win the bag to carry small knitting projects) is over.

1 comment:

Carey said...

THANKS!! I love the bag! :)