Monday, November 5, 2007

Shopping is enjoyed by almost everyone...

As promised-Here are photos of my shopping purchases.

*I have a plan rambling around in my mind to make Christmas ornaments using this paper and if it works out-- some of my friends will be receiving a hand-crafted ornament using these special papers. So, even though I saw lots of papers that I'd like to buy... I kept (ok, I had to work on it) focusing on purchasing appropriate papers for my ornament project.

I also found some beautiful scarves-- to send as gifts. I bought the ones on the right- w/ the woven design on the bottom ends. I didn't even notice the ones with the circular pattern woven in- but, now that I see them in the photo- I like that design too! I might have to go back for more purchases.

And lookie here.. I saw some 'out of the ordinary shoppers' shopping in Isadong..

Yes, some monks.. ready for the upcoming winter season wearing their winter robes. I like the 'not a glaring white face mask' mask that one guy is wearing. :D

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