Wednesday, November 7, 2007

72 years....

Aren't they the sweetest couple?

A few days ago, right after a day of teaching, my friend and I went on the subway to the market to do some 'errand shopping'. We only had an hour and half, including the subway rides to three different stops, to complete our errands before the buildings that we needed to enter would close.

We had been two lone Americans in the crowded sidewalks, streets, and markets, constantly walking among the throngs of people.

We had already made 2 other subway stops and had done a lot of shopping, we still had our last stop left to make, and truthfully we were tired. So, we decided that instead of climbing all the levels of cement steps down to the subway train tracks, carrying our heavy bags, we decided to take advantage of the 'rare elevator' that could be found in this particular subway stop, that had been set aside for the 'elderly.'

We knew we weren't 'elderly' but, we had heavy bags and we were 'feeling elderly' from teaching, all the walking, all the up and down subway stairs, and trying to get everything done in only an hour and half...

So, we got on the elevator and just before the doors closed...this adorable couple entered the elevator right after we did. The man, with a big smile on his face, beaming with love and pride- immediately said in English to us: This is my wife. She is 72.

We smiled and congratulated them and told him that she was beautiful. Soon the elevator doors opened as we arrived to the train track level and we parted ways with a bow-as they walked slowly to the opposite train track.

I often wonder about people that I see- trying to imagine what is going on in their life... and I decided that maybe they were out celebrating her birthday or maybe she was enjoying a cool refreshing chocolate Popsicle prior to a celebration dinner with their adult children and adored grandchildren. Or perhaps they had already spent the day with their family celebrating her birthday and they were taking the subway back to their home and had stopped for a afternoon treat on this unseasonably warm fall day?

Meeting them only took a few minutes and lifted my spirits immediately. I thought about them for a few days.

I can only hope that when I am 72, that I will have someone in my life who loves me so much that he will announce to some strangers that I am '72' with a voice full of love, pride, and a smile big enough to tell the story of his endearing love for me.

When I am blessed enough to experience simple events of unexpected joys like this... glimpses into the life of someone else... I always try to appreciate and absorb the happiness of others, when I can- for it's a gift that they have offered with no strings, no expectations, and always helps me see that the world is indeed a small place. We all want the same things in life..............

Love, happiness, peace, and understanding..... And to be treasured by someone.


susanc said...

So true! We are all basically the same and most people do want the same things in life. Happiness, Health, Love, Family, and Understanding. Amen.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. :D

AND, they were so cute.. He had limited English skills-- (We had tried to talk to him- after his announcement) but, he said to us what was important to him.

AND, nothing more needed to be said anyway.