Saturday, November 3, 2007

Paper, paper.. who's got the paper?

Today I went to Isadong with a friend. Isadong is a little 'arty' area of Seoul. You can buy handmade paper...
I did buy some.. I'm going to experiment using it for some Christmas ornaments. If it works, some of my friends will get some special ornaments created with handmade Korean rice papers.

Ok, for some reason this blogsite is being all funky and won't let me post any more photos.. and I got 4 error messages before I was able to post the first photo. So, my frustration level was already 'spent' because.. I'd been trying to do something w/ a computer program to see if I could get tv reception on my PC.. the box, that the program came in, said that it could be done.. I followed the directions, I downloaded quite nicely- I thought, but after all directions were followed, furniture was shoved about so I could TRY to get to the cable cable... no reception was on the computer, error messages galore.. nothing was working. I had spent 2 hours on this and in the meantime.. I unplugged the tv and the dvd player- so, I can't bear to shove the furniture around again.. to try to 'see' what connection isn't connected.

The only person that I know that is 'computery' enough for me to call and they could help me over the phone wasn't at home. I thought.. do something else, take your mind of the computer/tv/dvd/coaxial cables/woes.. and...

SO, I thought.. oh, you could download and share some of the photos from 'today's adventure in Isadong'.. but, NOoooooooooooooooooooooo the wouldn't let me do so. So, I'll continue this tomorrow.. when things are working better.

Let me end with this.. grrrrrrr

Tune in tomorrow and hopefully, I'll be able to share some photos with you?


Helen said...

Blogger is being a bit mysterious about photos at the moment. I console myself with the thought that this must be because they're upgrading it. Mustn't it?

What lovely, lovely papers, though. I'll definitely come back to see more. said...

the paper is lovely! I'm visiting korea for trend shopping as i'm a letterpress printer. can you recommend this place + address? also, i would love other recommendations of artsy places! thanks very much - w/b


Anonymous said...

hi! it's again and i did get to visit that exact place in korea. it's near sszami market? artist's shops and galleries. anyways can you please delete my email since it's showing up in rss feed under thanks! you can email there if you want to ask any other questions. i appreciate the time and concern. - janet