Sunday, November 25, 2007

If there was an Academy Award for the neatest 'trash day' at an apartment building.. my apt building would SO WIN

Trash is picked up 2 days a week and you do NOT PUT trash out until the night prior to 'trash pick up' or the day of trash pick up (as long as it's before 11am). *The bins aren't even there for you to put your trash out early- if you were so inclined.
(Well, the blue 'left-over or bad food' trash bins are always out for use.)

You have to 'recycle' and divide your trash up in the appropriate bins. AND, the security guards spend a lot of time 'stacking things' neatly if things aren't as neat as they think that they should be. I really think that there must be some sort of an award, don't you? Maybe it's a contest between the 10 buildings in my apartment complex to see who can have the neatest trash area?

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Chris said...

Oh my gosh - I wish my closets were that neat! LOL