Saturday, October 20, 2007

The view from my apartment

I live in Seoul, South Korea... a city of around 16 million. Yes, it's full of noise, traffic, crazy drivers, motorcycles that pass you on the right and the left, and OK.. let's be truthful- a lot of shoving and pushing from others as they bump into you.

However, in the middle of the city is a huge river that curves and meanders through the city by the name of the Han River. We have many bridges for car, train and subway traffic. I have views of the river from every window.
Views from the guest bedrooms:

More views:

Early morning light.

And the views from my living room balcony:

And the view from my living room windows and my bedroom window:

This spring:

See, even in the middle of the city.. I can look out and see nature. There is a park area along the river front where I live- so, I have a clear view of the river.

When I look out onto the city's skyscrapers I often wonder about all the 'adventures, joys, sorrows, celebrations, and day to day events' that are going on all around me by millions and millions of people- but, you are in your own isolated void at the same time... and you are reduced to being just some windows in some building, looking out onto the city at all the other windows....


Anonymous said...

Nice views.

Knittinreed said...

Interesting how everyone is together yet separate. I had a friend who spent many years in Korea.....

I hope your hand is getteing better and you can knit soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I plan to have Tilia finished this week.

JL said...

nice view welcome u everyday. how lucky.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks.. of course.. sometimes the air pollution or yellow dust is so bad that you can't see much of a view- but, it's a pretty good view most of the time. :D