Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TERRIFIC Tuesday! Or 'SCORE.. on the parking places!

Sweet.. I was able to snag my favorite parking places in my enormous 2 level underground parking garage.. for two days in a row!!!

This was yesterday's location and my #1 favorite place:

Yes, I'm aware that it's not TECHNICALLY a 'real' parking place- but, it is used everyday by someone in our parking garage. It is mucho desired- because, it is one car away from the elevator and do you SEE HOW HUGE this area is? NO other cars can ding your car doors!

AND.. then today when I got home.. I was able to park here.. my #2 favorite spot!

I like this place-- because:
1. It is close to the parking garage 'security booth man' and I like to think
that when I park there-- he'll watch my car for me. (I know, I'm a little Pollyanna-ish and I do think that others care about others too.) Because, if I worked in that little booth- I'd think it was my job to 'watch out for' car door dings, theft and stuff like that. :D

2. It is only 4 spaces from the elevator.

3. LOOK at that space! Do you notice the 'plastic red thing?' That means:
DO NOT PARK HERE.. so, the space next to my car.. is going to stay empty
and that means I can actually park on the line.. ok, maybe over it a
little. AND that means? NO ONE IS GOING TO DING MY CAR!

AM I overly concerned with 'car dinging?' No, I don't think so-- it's just because the parking spaces here (Korea) ARE MUCH MUCH more narrow than what you'd find in the states.

Here is an example: (this is straight across the aisle from where my car is currently parked in *Photo #2. I'm not sure if you can tell or not- but, these cars are about 6 inches from the side posts and less than 2 feet from each other. It's hard to get out of your car without 'dinging' another car's door.

How many favorite places do I have? Well, there is another one.. it's my 3rd favorite place. It's not often that I get to park in either one of them though- so, it is just one of those 'little things' that makes the planets align just a little more even in my little world.

DOLI restaurant update:

It is October 30, 5:22pm and it's not open and the 'comming soon' (which I'm surprised that no one noticed the mistake yesterday!) sign is still up on the windows.

Now, let me tell you.. if I come home tomorrow and get one of my favorite 3 parking places and find out the the new Indian restaurant is also open for business.. well, let's just say.. I might have a hard time getting to sleep with the excitement and all.

SO, tell me.. what are the 'little things' that make you happy? What is your 'getting to park in one of your top 3 favorite' underground parking garage spaces-- equivalent?

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Carey said...

Again, I know I'm behind, but I thought I would answer anyway. I had one of these 'pure perfection' moments the other day, driving down Lamar with my daughters in the back seat, and all three of us were belting out "Obladi, Obladah" by the Beatles at the top of our lungs. :)