Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Give me some bread.. brown bread, soft bread, chewy, nutty, cheesy bread...

I had to stay late after school today- to make sub plans for some 'training' that I'll have to attend tomorrow. So, when I finally got home.. I didn't have any left-overs and I just didn't want to prepare anything for dinner.

So what is a gal to do? I know.. I could walk down the street to see what I could find to eat. There are a lot of restaurants in my neighborhood.. expensive though.. (after all.. SEOUL IS THE 3RD most EXPENSIVE city in the WORLD and there is an image to keep up, right?) and eating dinner out takes longer than I wanted to be out eating "BY MYSELF." *I'm still a southern gal at heart.. and for some reason.. it is FINE, APPROPRIATE, OK, not a problem to eat lunch alone.. but, dinner out? After all...PEOPLE do stare.. "YES, THEY DO!" I've seen them! :D

So, I thought.. maybe some street food? So, since I needed to pay my phone bill.. I decided to walk by this place:
Now, don't get all excited for me.. you will NOT find a 'Big Slurp' for sale.. and the only thing that they have in common with the ones in the states is.. The sign is the same and you can buy: drinks, snacks, newspapers, etc. HOWEVER.. I can pay my Korean phone bill at any 7-11 (there is another one 1/2 block further on down on the opposite side of the street) and that is a 'GOOD THING' as someone says .. :D

So, after I paid my phone bill, I walked on down the street and saw this interesting item in a window-- and hold on.. but, it looks FELTED.. free form felted maybe?
I'll have to check this out when they are open sometime and see what might be going on behind the wall of 'unemotional and inexpressive' plastic ladies.

I walked on down the block and stopped at this yummy wonderful bakery. This is what I placed on my tray and took to the counter.. a variety of breads.

OK, I admit I did start eating the circular one on the way home. It is a soft bread w/ walnuts mixed in and a cream cheese center. Do you see the cream cheese? This is one of my favorites from there.

The other long one.. all seed and nutty looking.. is going to go w/ my dinner tonight. The small square one is for dessert or for tomorrow? I figure I might need it after all entire day of 'training?

The first word on the little labels in front of the various items for sale in this bakery are in English- so, you at least know 'mostly' the name of the item.
This one said: Apple and sweet potato pastry.

The long flat one? It said cheese bread. I cut off a little piece and it has 'cheese on the phyilo bread. Nice contrast of sweet flaky bread and cheddar cheese.

And, what is my dinner selection? I'm trying a new item from the commissary. It looks like a healthy version of: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. *Ok, I admit it, I bought it because the bunny was so cute.

AND.. since, I seem to be on the 'bread theme'.. it's a complete bread meal.. the pasta shells are made out of: GRAINS..

AND, as I was crossing the street 'at the light' and I was actually mid-way in the crosswalk on a green light for the walkers.. this CAR.. decided to do a 'U TURN' in the middle of the intersection where the people are walking! And, one of those people was "ME!" I hadn't even reached the mid-point of the 6 lane road when he started doing a 'U-turn' in the intersection in front of me.

Sorry, the photo is a little blurry.. but, it's hard to take a photo of a car about to hit you as you are crossing the street.

THEY (Korean drivers) do this a lot. IF their light is RED.. but, no one is currently using the crosswalk.. they will drive through the RED LIGHT.. oh, and they'll do it also.. after you've walked to the mid-point of the 6 lane street. Which is apparently when/why this driver decided to do a U TURN across the crosswalk.. keep in mind that even though it looks like this car- just didn't stop far enough behind the 'crosswalk lines'.. acutally, what had happened was that he had been going in the opposite direction when he started the U-Turn in the crosswalk--- WHILE THE LIGHT WAS RED FOR HIM and people were walking across the INTERSECTION!!! *THE 'blurry red lights' are from the bakery that I had been shopping in..

grrrr *I do yell at them and point to them and the traffic light.. trust me.. if I had a 'cane' or something.. I would totally be raising it up in the air shaking it to the heavens at these cars that do 'not honor the crosswalk!' *Just practicing for when I get old and need to shake my cane at some 'young whippersnapper!' :D

So.. excuse me while I go and chew on some.. bread, bread, bread.. and some more bread for dessert!

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Christine said...

Oh my that bread looks good! There are just some days when carbs win! :-)