Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Purses? Or Knitting.. you decide

Although, I still can't knit because of the 'thumb tendon injury'.. I did some knitting prior to the injury.

This is the purse that I knitted for myself: *NOTE flash washed out the colors.

It is knitted and then felted using hot water and the agitation of the washing machine. I had taken it to the fabric/yarn building in one of the market areas- to buy handles and some fabric that I would sew into a lining. I found some that I liked and then tried to explain.. by a lot of pointing to my purse, the handles, and a finished purse with handles that was on display.. to let them know that I wanted the little piece of leather to attach the handles to the purse.

They either didn't have what I wanted or they didn't understand what I wanted? So, I continued going around looking at other locations that also sold purse handles. I finally found someone that knew what I wanted and he 'gestured' for me to follow him and I did. He took me to the 'sew girl' area.. where there are (FEMALES) operating sewing machines that make custom sew jobs of: pillows, curtains, comforters/etc. I already knew about this area.. and actually have connections with my own 'sew girl' that I use for pillows and curtains. Being an American.. I still think and measure in the decimal system of inches, yards, etc.

However, in Korea, and all other overseas locations that I've lived, they use the metric system. So, I have to draw what I need for the 'sew girl' to make for me.. providing her w/ inches/yards converted to the metric system and I sketch what I want her to do.. and she does it!

I know how to sew and all that stuff.. but, trust me.. the price is right and I don't have to do any muttering under my breath.. it's a 'win-win' for me.

Anyway, back to the 'new purse handles, knitted and felted purse, and myself.. being led' to the sew girl area of the fabric building's basement. So, the man gives the 'sew girl' (lady/woman) my handles, gestured at my purse and says something in Korean to her. She nods and then nods to me and takes my purse from me. Then, she points to the inside of my purse.. and I realized she is asking me if I want her to put the lining in too. Of course, I nod my head yes. Then, she uses her hands to motion the 'opening and closing' of a zipper and I also 'nod' my head that this is a good thing to install also. Then, I pointed to my watch and my purse to see when I needed to come back and she pointed to one hour later.

I usually sew the linings in the purses that I make myself.. but, it takes about 2-3 hours and a lot of muttering.. more than I'd care to admit. So, I was more than willing to experiment on this purse- since, it wasn't going to be a gift.

I went back later and she did such a great job. She put a zipper in the top, an inside zipper, and some pockets on the other side of the lining. AND, the price to do the lining 'stuff' was only about $10.00 and the handles only cost an additional $12.00. The yarn, I had bought a couple of years ago.

So, when I finished this- I took it back to have her put the lining and all the inside features in it for me.

This purse was knitted for a friend's Christmas gift. I almost don't want to give it away-- but, posting it here.. will keep me true to the Christmas spirit of giving to others.

This is a purse that I knitted last year for a gift:

And another purse that was also given away as a gift- now, you can see why I decided to knit a purse for myself? :D

Here's the cute lining that I bought and sewed inside. *This one was done with muttering.

Now, I just have to decide one of my friends would want the green knitted purse- which may well be the only knitted and gifted purse this Christmas....


JL said...

i m a bag/purse girl. jus love to see how others did to theirs.

very nice, indeed.

the blue bag linning is sooo cute..

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks! I like your flower photo- it looks a lot like the photo that I put on the blog.