Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Egg Sandwich Man is back in Business ....

This is my favorite, tiny, no frills, 'shoppette/snack' place in any of the subway underground shops in Seoul. And, look.. a photo of "Mr. Egg Sandwich Man" himself all back in business again.

In the subway, where Tondaemun Market is located and most importantly.. the fabric and yarn building is located.. there is a snack place of sorts. This 'underground shopping' area of the subway has been closed for several months for remodeling. Recently, I noticed that 'Egg Sandwich Man' was back in business.

I don't know his name and he doesn't speak English and I don't speak Korean (Well, I can say: Thank you and how much does this cost.. all very useful phrases- but, they don't help me ask the name of the shop or his name.) so, I just refer to him as "Mr. Egg Sandwich Man" because.. he cooks these amazing .. you guessed it.. 'egg sandwiches.' He has a little grill all set up, throws some butter on the grill to toast the bread (and I'm sure that the butter is one of the sandwich secrets of goodness), puts his 'egg mixture' on the grill and slaps it all together served folded over in a paper cone. Optional fixings include: catsup and a sprinkle of sugar. I tend to like them just hot off the grill without any 'extras' added.

The paper cone makes a handy-dandy serving dish for eating on the go if you're so inclined. He does have a little table with four chairs in his shop for those wanting to take a more leisurely sit down 'snack.'

They are so yummy! I try to talk everyone that I take to the market with me- to try them. Those that do- love them as much as I do. Once, I introduced my friend Emily to the egg sandwiches she wanted one every time that we went to the market .. because she knew she would be moving soon.

He is such a nice man and I always stop for something to drink and also purchase an egg sandwich if it is close to a meal or snack time.

Well, today I stopped by and was happy to see that his shop was open and he had his grill set up ready to cook 'egg sandwiches' again. When I got there new snacks were being placed on display for sale.

And.. after I finished my drink and bowed 'goodbye', "Mr. Egg Sandwich Man" gestured towards the lady in his shop and pointed to his hand and her hand to indicate that this was his wife. I bowed 'hello' some more and then I realized that he meant that she was his NEW BRIDE!

So, I guess that "Mr. Egg Sandwich Man" took advantage of those months that his shop was closed during the underground remodeling?
Aren't they cute?


MWhite said...

Don't you just love the local, small business people? I envy you and your exposure to them... I will enjoy your blogsite regularly. I'm Mary(MWhite) on the KH site. Love your comments and patter!!! I don't actually have a blog but have a photosite where I share flowers, knitted items, animals and family...especially my two yr. old granddaughter.

Dale said...

Sorry to hear about your injured hand. Hope it feels better soon!

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chrislt8 said...

How nice to have an old "friend" back :-) Enjoy the sandwiches!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks for commenting. :D

AND, 'honest' I do know how to knit- just in case you were wondering why the title was: iwouldratherbeknitting! I just currently have a 'tendon' injury in my left hand and on doctor's orders: NO KNITTING!

AND.. I did check and it's true, I can't knit.. not as in 'I shouldn't knit.. as in- I can't do it w/ the hurt hand!' :(

AND.. I forgot to mention.. I don't really like eggs.. that should let you know how good his 'egg sandwiches' are!

Did someone say 'knitting'? said...

I'd love to try and help with the photo problem you have, but feel a bit silly talking to you here about it. You can either email me at or you can pass on your email to me. :)
Oh, and I'm so sorry about your hand - hope it heals quickly!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Dale, Mary, Chris, and did someone say knitting. I'm glad that you are enjoying.. my 'take' on life in a foreign country.

Check back here often and post your comments as much as you want!

And.. Mary.. Yes, I love the small shops/etc.. I know that they laugh at me sometimes- but, they all seem to like me and my silly ways. :D