Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ma'MAM, could I interest you in SOME... uh, some, uh some... MUSHROOMS?

The 13 year old in me can only giggle and go.. EEOOOOEEWWW at the same time.

(and in case you were wondering.. they were VERY, VERY life-sized..) heee heee

But, how could you buy this 'mushroom' and cut it up for spaghetti? Or put it in a salad?

Ok, maybe you'd like a different type?

Something in a larger than 'buffet sized' dark stained and freshly varnished 'wooden' plate mushrooms... ??

Does that clash with your kitchen furniture? Maybe, you'd like more of a MAPLE STAIN colored mushroom? It's a mushroom in the 'giant economy size' or the more mushroom than you'll need in a year size?

Or maybe you'd like a hand-sized and 'less giant' version of mushroom?

I know, maybe, you'd like a 'gift pack?' Nothing says: "Happy Birthday", like some mushrooms and ginseng!

Are SAMS and COSTCO your favorite stores? Well, then .. maybe you'd like to buy in the larger quantity package?

Why yes, I have been shopping in the Dongdaemun Market again.. why do you ask? :D

*To give you an idea as to the size.. they are stored in the large clear plastic trash bags. The ones in the plastic bags were a 'dried' type of mushrooms. However, the 'uh, mushrooms' in the first photo were very 'fresh.'


JL said...

are these dry stuffs ?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

The ones in the bag.. did appear to be 'dried'.. however, the first photo of the 'unusual mushrooms' were fresh. Even though we didn't dare touch them! :D