Monday, May 6, 2013

Wisteria season in my little part of northern Italy....

A house in my little town.  Wish it was my rental house; but, it's not.  What a lovely walkway.

Along the road in my little town.

Across the street 'just a bit'... this entire block is covered with blooming wisteria along the fence.  A few days prior... it was just flowers.
Inside the yard of the above 'fence' full of blooming wisteria... It looks so peaceful to me.

See the yellow building to the left?  That's the local place that had the great food and where I was the only female eating lunch with about 60 strangers; all men!  Blogged about in the April (spring break) 2013 entries. 

A house no longer being lived in... one of those old villa type houses.  This is in my little town.  A place that I get pizza is to the left of this fence.

One of the 'roundabouts' that I drive through every morning and afternoon.  This is in front of an old huge house.  I think that long ago- it might have not been around any other buildings and maybe part of the processing buildings of a vineyard or olive oil?  It's not just a regular huge house though. 

Another house in my little town.  I saw lots of blooming wisteria all around. 
Sometimes you'll even see wisteria trained as a covering for 'outdoor' eating areas.  It's been woven through wooden or wire supports and after the flowers fade... the nice thick leaves provide summer shade for those enjoying their meals outside.

I found far more examples than the photos that I took- but, it's not always easy to find a place to park to stop and take photos. 

If you haven't noticed... the houses/apartments all have fences.  They are usually wrought iron fences and often they are very old with amazing designs in them.


Mandi Goodman said...

Beautiful! Not something I see a lot of around here for sure!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Some of the places that have 'outside eating' also have wisteria plants wound about the structure and the wisteria flowers and of course later the leaves 'provide' the shade for the tables.

That looks really nice! Sometimes you'll see grape leaves used in the same manner too.