Friday, May 17, 2013

See, knitting sneaks in every so often... my finished 'nalu mitts'....

See Knitting happens sometimes!   Actually, I haven't had much time (since, I started taking those 3 on-line college classes) to do any knitting or much of anything else... but, one night I really needed a break... SO, I went downstairs to the 'yarn room' and dug through some of the bags/etc. and I found these 'almost finished' fingerless mitts from last year.  I seem to vaguely remember knitting them and then I got sick with pneumonia?  Which would mean:  Too sick to knit or to care.  *They are unblocked and the stitches look a bit uneven in the photo-- and blocking is like magic 'it settles' the stitches down and makes everything look professional looking.

All I had left to knit was the tiny ribbing on one of the thumb places and to weave in the yarn ends on that one mitt.   Everything else had been finished/etc.   This is the yarn that I used.  The pattern is on and it is a free pattern.
The pattern is:  nalu mitts

Do a search in google or in ravelry and you'll find them.

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Mandi Goodman said...

Those are cute! I've wanted to knit me a pair of fingerless mitts forever..