Monday, May 20, 2013

Sure hope I don't confuse the EURO money bills with a packet of SUGAR??????

Recently,  I stopped by the local pizza place for a take home pizza.  While waiting for my pizza to be ready... I noticed the sugar packets on the counter were actually made to look like EURO bills.  Same colors and images as the actual 'spending EURO' money bills.   

 As I looked at the sugar packet-- I noticed printed on them the words:  "Facsimile"... just so you don't get confused w/ real spending EURO BILLS that are FLAT in size and don't have sugar in them .. you know??

Well, I wonder if I might get confused?   What do you think?  Actual bills placed next to the 'euro bill' that the sugar packets represent.

I don't know... it's going to be close... I might have to REALLY THINK about it and make sure that I don't accidentally grab the EURO sugar packets instead of the REAL EURO paper money to pay for my next pizza???

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Mandi Goodman said...

LOL! Wow! That's funny