Sunday, May 12, 2013

Castle grounds...

The caretaker's home at the Soave castle.  This is where you paid the entrance fee- but, it was also clearly someone's home.  Look at the wild roses on top of the patio area.   In Italy, you will see something like this at homes and small restaurants.  Usually, it is grapes, wisteria, or other flowers that form vines.  This is the first time that I've seen roses being used.   I wonder how old the roses are?

You can see the main trunk of the roses that are on top of the patio area.  This is an old well.  Do you see the pulley where the rope would have been placed?

I thought that the wrought iron work was beautiful.  Can you see the 2 different paths?  The one closest to the roses is the one that we walked up after we entered the castle near where the draw bridge was located.  The one to the left of the photo?  The gate was locked so who knows where on the castle grounds it went to?  There were cobblestones on the path.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Glad they are old enough to remember going. Sure beats our field trips here.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks! They loved the trip; but, I think that the adults along enjoyed it just as much ... if not more!

I just couldn't believe how old the castle was.

Mandi Goodman said...

Beautiful! I love to see flowers or vines of any kinds growing in unusual places!