Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why can't I be rich... or 'YOU WANT HOW MUCH FOR THAT?'

I liked the front porch and how the house is sitting up above the road-- probably not much of a chance for 'flooding?'... but it was TINY inside. WAY too small...

Looks good from the outside... other than the sloping/sinking  roof right dab in the middle that you can't see because of the tree.  Typical grandmother house on the inside... no updates.  That's ok... I can see past that... but, the upstairs had a bathroom and a bedroom.... and about 1/3 of that area was a big ole empty storage room.  Problem was... no insulation EVER had been used and ok... the truth is... it was HOT as hot could be up there... and you could see through the roof in that no 'insulated' storage room.  So, I can only imagine how cold or how hot that upstairs area would be???   And, how expensive the utility bills would be?   I did like the front of the house and the yard.

I want to buy a house.   Also,
I want to win the lottery so I can buy a house.  However, since that isn't likely to happen... I need to look at houses within my budget.  So, new houses are out of the question.  They just cost too much.  Besides, I like the older homes because they have some character and usually have a fireplace, wooden floors, a dining room, and sometimes even a sun room.
Inside view of the screened in back porch of the green house... why?  What was the plan?   Strange, huh?

This house had a lot going for it... a very nice (amazing wooden floor) living room/dining room, 3 bedrooms (after all- my yarn and other craft supplies probably will need their own room?),  and 1 3/4 bathrooms.   However, the kitchen wasn't big enough (at all) for my small kitchen table to go into it and I could ignore the horrible color it was painted- after all, I can paint walls with the best of them... and what is up w/ that front addition?  It looks like to me- that at some point... someone got the idea to 'close up the porch?  Or maybe to just add that room to the front of the house?  It is a narrow entry hallway like place... and to me... as they say on HGTV 'no curb appeal' it looks like the bigger part of the house is hiding behind this stone wall addition?   *Plus, you don't even want to know what they did to the back porch place...  let's just say... one would need to turn all lights on and wear one of those lights that miners were on their foreheads if they walked out in this area...  For safety, of course.   *THIS house was a lot more money than the other houses too.

The back view of the screened in porch... as mentioned above.

Last summer, one afternoon, my friend and I drove to where I used to live in Oklahoma before I moved overseas.   We looked at 4 houses.   In my 'projected' budget.   It was eye-opening.  Everyone of them would need to have the kitchen updated... (beyond painting the walls) and they were very small.   So, it made me realize... 'iwouldratherbeknitting' you have got to GET RID of a lot of stuff and save more money for a down-payment!

It makes me feel better to know that ALL OF THESE houses are still for sale even now... just a few weeks shy of one year later.   *I'm not sure about the second photo (the brick house) if it is still for sale or not?

So, anyone have a VERY NICE (in sound condition), good roof, 1800 sq feet or more, nice older home for sale?  Or know of one?  I do want the wooden floors... (no carpet- I have some rugs that I have bought through the years and I want to put them down on wooden floors)....

When I get to the states, my friend and I are going to go look again this summer... we'll watch a few HGTV shows to give us some 'buying a house' knowledge... but, I think that what I really need are the PROPERTY BROTHERS to find me a house that they'll re-model for me!!!    At least I do have more $$ saved for a down payment.  

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