Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bakery in Soave (where the castle was located)

After viewing the castle we walked out students to a park, for lunch, and along the way, we encountered this bakery.  This sign basically says that this bread is a traditional bread of Soave.  One of the parent volunteers bought some and shared it.  It was like puffy crackers.  Dry with almost no taste.  It was nothing like what you would have expected

Here are some other bread choices in the window display at this above bakery.  I really wanted to try the whole grain bread rolls or the bishop hat style bread  rolls to the left of that basket.

Lots of nice choices.  However, I was watching a group of children and taking them into the bakery wasn't part of the field trip. 

I can't decide if these are: hands?  Sea life? 

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Mandi Goodman said...

Something rare you don't see anymore in the states. A good family owned bakery.