Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The 'fish guy' stops in town...

 I had noticed this truck parked on the side of the road as I entered the little town that is about 1/2 mile from my house.   It took awhile before I noticed which night he would be in my town and since he parks on the opposite side of the street- I couldn't always just pull over when I noticed him at the last minute because there is almost always cars behind me and in the opposite lane.   

This made it difficult to suddenly turn off of the road to see what was being sold from the truck;  when the road wasn't clear for me to pull across the opposite lane of traffic- nor did I want the person behind me to suddenly rear end my car.  

 So, once I remembered that he was there on Wednesdays, I made it a point to look for him.   Of course, I still had to go past the 'fish guy's truck' and go about a mile further down the road to the nearest 'roundabout' and then return due to the traffic.

I had hoped it was the wonderful roasted chicken that they do so well here.  It wasn't but, this is a good option to have too.

Just one guy is running the truck, taking orders, packing up your purchases, and making your change.
Yummy... paella...

The fish in the back far left is a fried white fish.  I got a few pieces and it's pretty good.  Next to that is some fried fillets.   In front are fried shrimp.   They leave all the parts on... gotta work extra calories to use up some extra calories for the FRIED part of the meal.

My favorites (of the fried type) are here.  In the back... so good!  In the front, I love the little fried oval things with the 'bone handle' sticking out.   Just good white shrimp meat!!!   *The back is 'grilled in olive oil'... so, it's a tad bot of a healthier option. 

Look!  He even had calamari.

This is about 1/3 of what he had for sale.  It was quite a selection to choose from.

This fish is grilled in olive oil and it looked really good.  I'm going to get it the next time that I stop at the Fish guy's truck.

The middle sign (with the spatula) says:  Pasta with fish.  I'm not sure what is in the front of that dish?

I got some of this grilled salmon the first time that I stopped.  It was great... but, I love salmon!

This is what I ended up buying.  An assortment of different pieces to sample.  Of course, I have my two favorites and the round thing?  It's a fried stuffed green olive.  I had part of one and it was good.

And, yes, the locals were staring at me while I was taking the photos.   You see what I do to post photos here?  I risk getting the name 'That Crazy American Woman'... (at least they don't know which house I live in yet... so, I know that they won't be pointing at my house every time they drive past it and say the same thing!)   Of course, as many times as I have taken photos of the most ordinary things or of the unusual through the years... they might have always referred to me that way anyway? 

I risk it all to share my foreign travels... all for you guys and guy-ettes.

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