Saturday, March 2, 2013

OH NO!!!!

Bad Congress!  Bad President!  Write on the whiteboard 100 times... we will work together and we will cut our own pay just like others that will be affected by this furlough. 

Looks like the President and Congress/etc. didn't agree and come up w/ a plan!  
 Not sure exactly what that will mean for me?  However, all we do know is that since we (teachers) aren't full time employees and more than 1/2 of the school year has already gone by-- that the pay cut, whatever they do cut,  will come out of the remaining days that we are being paid-- (June 14).. big, deep cuts for us!   

By the way... like the 'The Scream' copy?  My 4th grade art students made their own versions last year.  I thought that they did a pretty good job and it was an appropriate image for my upcoming future (lack of pay) which really hurts when ONE JUST MOVED SOMEWHERE!    I'm having to pay for 'non resident' on line college courses too- to do my teaching degree 'recertification' .. *At least, I have yarn that I can knit on this summer...  One good thing about having a yarn stash.  lol

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