Thursday, March 28, 2013

Note to self:

Do NOT depart school at 5pm, on a rainy day/night, and expect to easily get on the 3 lane roundabout just as you leave the US Military property onto the Italian road.

Either leave earlier or stay even later so that 'everyone' has had a chance to get home and the roads aren't so bad.  

Traffic was backed up to a standstill on the road trying to merge (and behind me the road exiting the base had traffic backed up too) and on the actual roundabout the cars were all at a standstill too!  It's not easy to merge onto a large multi-lane roundabout... anyway... but, these were certainly not the best circumstances.

All I can say is:  It's a good thing that I had some leftover lasagna in the fridge and some of Saturday's bakery bread purchases in the freezer.   Easy dinner to just heat that stuff up in the microwave.

How's traffic where you live on rainy days/nights?

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