Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hand made / Hand painted kites from Bali

Before I moved to Germany, some friends and I went to Bali.   I had always wanted to go there but, I really think it was tied up into watching that musical movie that was based there...South Pacific is the name of the movie.
You know the one... where they sung the song:  "Gonna wash that guy right out of my hair?"   And, the sailors dressed up as dancing girls w/ coconut halves strapped to their chests?   Darn it all... it seems that the weird 'inability' to not be able to type in paragraphs with normal paragraph breaks is once again back!    
Anyway, I bought 2 of these kites.  The first photo is one of my kites:  A Dragon Kite and I also have one of the blue butterflies.  These looked so pretty hanging outside shop windows.  I need to get my dragon kite hung up in my classroom.    I'm going through some of my photos (that were on that lost and now found memory stick) so, I 'll continue posting some images as I find time to do so.  I hope you enjoy them.   By the way, even if Bali wasn't like the movie that I watched as a child... it was still a very beautiful place, friendly people, and great food.   We stayed in the "Hard Rock Cafe Hotel."   It was my friend's 'dream come true!'  ha ha

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