Wednesday, April 16, 2008

May, I interrupt the vacation photos to share a celebrity spotting?

A friend and fellow teacher had sent me an email yesterday asking if I wanted to go to a movie tonight (on base). And since, I was still tired from my trip and in 'pack up for a move from one foreign country to another foreign country' denial.. I said, "SURE!"

So, I met her tonight to see a movie, on our military base,... that I knew nothing about.. the name:

Strange Wilderness

When we got there, there was a large crowd waiting in line to see another movie. That does happen 'once in a while' when we get an opening night show of a big name movie.. so, we thought nothing of it and I don't even remember checking to see what the name of the movie was.. but, then again.. I live overseas and we don't have advertisements for movies on TV/etc.

My completely unbiased impression of the movie Strange Wilderness?

The target audience? 12 year old boys.

When we got out of the movie about 7:30.. there were a lot of people milling about in the lobby area near one of the other theaters. Again, this isn't really that unusual.. as large groups are around often at the beginning or end of a movie.

However, I did notice that a lot of people had cameras and I even saw a few 'flashes' from cameras being used.. (teachers are trained to notice little things out of the ordinary- you know.. the 'eyes in the back of the head' theory)

There was a young military soldier standing right beside me as I was walking out of my theater. I asked him why.. everyone was there and had so many cameras out.. he said that:

Our base was getting a 3 week early release of a movie called: Iron Man and the first showing was tonight.

IRON MAN :: OFFICIAL SITE :: IN THEATERS MAY 2ND, 2008Iron Man: Coming to theaters in 2008 from Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment, based on Marvel's best-selling Iron Man comic book character.

AND not only that.. but, the director of the movie was at our movie theater and... AND...

Robert Downey Jr. was also there.. and that is the reason for all the cameras..

Yes, the guy that I'm sure that he if had ever had a chance to meet me.. that I was always sure that he would have been a much more 'well grounded' person and drugs wouldn't have had a hold on his life like they have had in the past.. (I'm just sure of it!) He just didn't know what he was missing, right? :D

He was there and I saw him! Ok, the truth is.. I was so close to him for several minutes that I could have reached out and touched him. Heck, I could have grabbed him and kissed him.. but, I just didn't want to have the MP's come rushing from somewhere and arrest me.

DID I have my camera with me? NO! I had taken it out to download photos for my blog and forgot to put it back in my bag last night. Sigh..

He had a black jacket on, a t-shirt w/ some sort of design on it (maybe the name of the movie?) and nylon sweat pants w/ 3 white stripes along the side and tennis shoes. One of the military officer's standing by me.. made me giggle when he said, "Looks like he's worn his best t-shirt for our visit!" *He was just teasing- but, it was funny.

He was looking good.. despite his casual wear.. and I thought it was nice that they came to see our base and let us see the movie prior to the stateside release.

I'm sure that they enjoyed their visit too- the military and civilian crowd on a military base tend to be very laid back about things like this.... and don't get all ga ga.. star crazy.. and I'm sure that they don't have to worry about a 'crazed fan' from our population?

So, there you go.. you just never know what your day holds.

Now, your turn to share.. have you had any close encounters with famous people?


lizzzknits said...

I did see the Yarn Harlot on April 4 when she was on her book tour! And last year when I was in NYC I passed Noah Wylie on the street with his kids. That was cool.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Lizz.. that's so neat!

Rebecca Jo said...

How cool! And doesnt that drive you nuts that you didnt have your camera? I met Shania Twain one time - very tiny woman!!!

And when we were in Vegas, I saw quite a few celebrities. Mike Tyson, Joey Fatone from N'Sync, Mark McGrath (From Sugar Ray), Christina Aguilera - many musicians (there was a Music Award show on that weekend!) Its so funny to see the people in person - they always seem so much smaller - dont they!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Oh wow!! I LOVE RD :) He's such a hottie!! Lucky girl you are!