Sunday, April 27, 2008

Apparently, I like BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE..

Here is the progress of my knitted log cabin squares. I have 21 of them completed and will need to knit 3 more (one is about half way finished) and then knit solid blue borders and join all the squares together to make my first afghan. However, due to the 'you need to start going through your household goods' like A MONTH AGO situation..because of my upcoming move to Germany there is no time to knit now. Here are my squares stacked and mocking me.. ok, maybe they aren't really mocking me and are instead just waiting?

As part of my preparing to move.. I, of course, started to sort my knitting yarns. I also pulled all of the yarn that was stored in bags, my wooden wardrobe, shelves, and plastic storage containers. Let's just say this, it is amazing how much yarn a person has.. when it is all hauled out to one area.

I went through my 'cotton' or summer yarns.. and I noticed something.. I had 4 yarns that were almost exactly the same color of soft blue. Maybe, if you took them out in the bright sunlight and looked at the with a magnifying glass- you 'might' be able to tell a difference. This same thing also happened with a couple of purple and green yarns.

So, I decided to make a 'yarn swatch' and cut off little pieces of my yarn and taped it down w/ fiber content so, I could take my little 'yarn swatch' with me and not duplicate the same colors again.

Here is another project that I need to be working on.. but, can't at this time. Knitted lace..


Miss Hannah said...

That scarf is gorgeous, and so what if the yarns are the same blue? They're different weights, it doesn't count!

Gook luck with the packing and the move

Christine said...

Your log cabin square look lovely! I love the colors that are showing - this will be beautiful when finished!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks Miss Hannah.. that's what I can say.. "Oh, no.. this sweater JUST LOOKS LIKE THE ONE THAT I WORE YESTERDAY!" "Actually, the yarn is slightly thinner.. I was able to get 6 stitches per inch.. and it was only 5 stiches per inch on the sweater that I wore yesterday!"


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks Christine..

I just wish that I had more time to finish up the LAST 3 squares!

Maybe, when I move into the hotel the week before I fly out from Korea, for the last time????