Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The ladies of Vietnam..

When I was a little girl, I remember seeing photos in Life Magazine and National Geographic featuring the women of Vietnam.. dressed in flowing white clothing, wearing a pointed straw hat and most impressive of all.. balancing heavy baskets across their shoulders..

And, 30 plus years have passed, and I had an opportunity to visit Vietnam. We arrrived about midnight, and the next morning when I stepped outside onto the street in front of the hotel-it was like time had stood still.

The only difference from 30 years ago and last week? White flowing tops over loose cotton pants were no longer being worn. Otherwise, the images that I saw walking across and along the streets and in the villages could have stepped from the past.

The baskets certainly appeared to be very heavy- you could see the dropping weight of the laden baskets as they were being carried. Most packed baskets had various items for sale. Some of the baskets were used for transportation.

Most of the top bar was made out of bamboo- but, some were flat strips of wood.. all balanced on unpadded shoulders. I even saw a few ladies all dressed up in western wear.. sporting the straw hats. I couldn't get my camera unpacked and turned on in time to take a photo.

I learned that the woman's hat is the pointed lampshade type.. and a man's traditional straw hat had a rounded top surface.

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lizzzknits said...

Love the flowers on the back of the bicycle. Enjoyed the travelogue!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

You're welcome. It was amazing what we saw carried on bicycles and motorcycles. Most of the time, they went by too fast to take a photo though.