Monday, December 10, 2012

You know that sinking feeling...

Well, I just drove home and pulled into my driveway... and like most people in Italy with any sort of yard/driveway... you have a wrought iron fence around the yard and enclosing the driveway.   My landlord (yeah for him!) had installed an electric gate... and I'm still working out the logistics of 'how far away the thing works and how quickly it works' to make it safe to pull into the driveway with cars behind me.  

I do turn my signal on 'ahead of time'... to at least alert drivers that at SOME POINT I am going to be turning RIGHT and to please don't hit my car!   However, I just don't know how far ahead of time I can push that button to start the unlocking process... (35 seconds later it automatically shuts unless you click the button again to pause the process).

I pulled into the house and grabbed my keyring, for the house, with it's 7 different keys and I thought that I had my car KEY IN MY HAND... because I clicked on the 'automatic door lock' on the door handle... and as soon as I shut the door... I knew, I KNEW that my car keys were still in the car!   I checked all of my pockets (pants and my coat) and sure enough NO CAR KEYS...

Despite all logic... I still checked the car door to make sure it was REALLY LOCKED.  It was.   Of course, it is dark and I can't see into the car.

In inspired desperation, I grab the house keys and unlock the downstairs entrance. Rush upstairs and try to imagine WHERE ON EARTH IN THIS NEW HOUSE FULL OF BOXES AND UNPACKED HOUSEHOLD GOODS  (ok, only about 1/4 of my possessions are unpacked) would my extra car keys be located? I know where they were kept in Germany. But, where did I have it in the hotel room for 5 weeks? Where is it now in the new house? I go to the wardrobe/closet thing that is in the guest bedroom where all of the things that I drove down with in my car, boxes that had been mailed to myself, and all the stuff that I had with me in the hotel room were stashed, in my new house, before the movers came. I put everything in this wardrobe closet thing (the length of a bedroom wall).

I opened one of the doors and I grabbed my old purse (that I haven't been using for about 3 months) and I looked through one of the pockets of my old purse and "YEAH!" "YEAH!" (insert the Snoopy dance of joy here)

 I actually found the extra set of car keys in the first place that I looked!!!

I was already thinking HOW COULD I GET TO WORK IN THE MORNING and WHO ON EARTH COULD I CALL?  I DON"T REALLY KNOW ANYONE... and any phone numbers that I MIGHT HAVE are on my IPAD, in my backpack, in the LOCKED CAR!!!

I think that I need a break for a few minutes before I start unpacking boxes.  



Renna said...

Bless your heart. I can indeed imagine how your heart must have sunk when you realized what you'd done. At least you did have your house keys separate! So happy for you that all worked out well. What are the odds, really, of finding those keys in the first place you looked? I'd call that a praise God moment! :-)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Especially in a house that is still in boxes and ANYTHING that I brought with me (which is where the extra car keys would have been located) was in about 6 boxes, 2 suitcases, and various bags... (about 4-6 various sacks/shopping bags/fabric bags of various sizes) and I hadn't been using this spare car key since I arrived in Italy.

I just know that this key used to hang on a key rack by the door w/ my other extra house key. So, it would be easy to find/grab if the need arose.

It was cold, dark, and I was locked in the yard even... the gate was locked and the driveway gate was locked and it's a good thing that I did have the keyring of 7 different house keys in my hand.

New cell phone? Dead and locked inside the car in the backpack too. I don't know where the charger is and haven't seen it since I packed up the hotel room to move into the house. I had bought the 'cheap' pay as you go cell phone right before I moved-- since I wouldn't have a working phone in the house until they hooked up my phone/internet service.

AND, that TOOOK 6 weeks to accomplish in Germany? Here? Only 1 week after signing up for the service! Yeah, Italy!