Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've moved to.... (drum roll)..... ITALY

Yes, it is true!   I am now about 40 minutes from Venice, Italy!

My vast amount of treasures (know as household goods to the military) will be delivered tomorrow.   I officially moved to my new rental yesterday morning... And, 2 hours later the new heating unit quit working.  I slept (tried would be more truthful) there last night... Because... I was no longer entitled to stay in the hotel.

The Landlord tried to get it repaired today to no avail.   However, I checked myself into the hotel... Because it is even colder today... Mid-30's...  And no hot water was the deal breaker.

I'm typing this on my fairly new iPad... But, I can't figure out how to post photos saved on the iPad.

It will take some time to get a phone line/Internet in my house.... 

But, I am so, so happy to be out of cold snowy (but beautiful) Germany!    If it works... You should see a photo of the beautiful marble ... This is the hallway..


Renna said...

Well, phooey, I can't see the photographs.

Italy sounds like a nice place to live! My daughter lived a few years in Germany, but is in the states now (CO), with Minneapolis, & England between them. She and her husband are hoping their next move can be to Italy (at the end of 2013). I'm bound and determined to go visit her if it happens!

Have you been doing much knitting?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I did a lot of knitting this summer... I'll have to see if the "ITALIAN" internet is faster than the German one and if it is- I shouldn't have any problems posting photos.

I was in the boonies in Germany and the internet was SLOOOOOWWW.

Well, I guess I now know that trying to post photos from the IPAD to the BLOG doesn't work? (Or at least I didn't know the trick to make it work.)

I've got so many boxes to open up... the movers were here on Monday/Tuesday this week. Everything is in such a mess!

The landlord's son came over last night and helped me sign up and do everything so that the 'wireless' internet was working on my home computer! The Italian phone/ Internet guy ONLY came to hook the house up to both and said: "Finiti" (spelling? Pronounced: Finito) meaning: Finished and he left.

However, nothing was working when he left.