Thursday, December 6, 2012

My new hallway... I love this marble floor!

This is the hallway in my new rental house in Italy.   The entire floor is laid in this beautiful marble.   Did you notice how the slices are matched up perfectly?  Not just marble tiles laid out.   I do have rugs in most of the rooms now-- finally a place big enough to use my rugs.   However, I think that on the really cold days I might wish that I had wall to wall rugs, except on the sides of course so that I could still see the pretty marble.   I guess I won't be walking around barefoot, in the house, this winter?   :D


susanc said...

The marble is gorgeous! I think you're right about not walking in bare or stocking feet in the winter, but I bet it will be nice during the summer!

Looking forward to seeing more blog posts and photos of your time in Italy!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

It is a 'bit nippy' walking on it barefooted!

I have some knitted slippers so once I 'unearth' my non-slip backing... I'll put some of that on the bottoms of the slippers so that I and any guests don't slip and slide (and fall) on the marble floor in the knitted slippers!

AND... good news! It seems that this INTERNET is much, much faster (thus: posting photos will actually work) than it was in the boonies of Germany!

Renna said...

Gorgeous floor! I know it will be warmer for you than where you were in Germany, but does it still get cold where you are now?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yes, it does get cold-ish here. More of what I would call a typical winter?

I've had FROST on my car window twice. Snow is predicated for a couple of days in the next week-- however, they mean only a small amount of snow and it is not a regular event anyway.

The night time temps are close or at freezing now-- but, it won't stay bitter cold or snow a lot like it did in Germany.

*I was also hoping for SPAIN... (that would have had much warmer weather for sure) but, there weren't any job openings.