Friday, December 7, 2012

Bicycles of Amsterdam

 Thanksgiving, last year, I went to Scotland.  A place that I had always wanted to visit and it did not disappoint.   I went on a military base trip.  We drove by bus from Germany to Amsterdam (yes, it did seem to take forever!) and we had a 3 hour stop in Amsterdam... basically for lunch.   What a great place to stop for lunch, huh?  

I had had a 6 hour plane layover to Amsterdam in 1997 when I first moved to Italy.  I took the train shuttle from the airport to the city and walked around, had breakfast and lunch, saw Ann Frank's House and had a great although short visit.

So, I was happy for another visit to Amsterdam.  It was MUCH warmer (including SUNSHINE) than it was when we left Germany.   The canals are beautiful with lots of boats along them which are actually homes.

But, besides the endless canals and boats lining the canals... you see bicycles everywhere.  Large numbers of people ride bicycles.   I loved the old styled ones painted in bright colors.  I'll have to find some of those photos- I'm not sure if I had downloaded all of them to my computer or not?   I did charge the battery for my camera before I drove from Germany for my move to Italy... but, do I know where the battery is?  NO.   So, I've been taking photos with my Ipad.
Guess what the weather is doing this early evening in Vicenza, Italy?  It is snowing!   Today, at work, everyone was 'freaking' out about the possiblity of SNOW!  I didn't like the 7 month long winters in Bavaria, Germany... but, at least it did teach me to not think too much about some snow falling-- because after all... there is certainly MORE SNOW coming in Germany!
Anyway, I do doubt that not much will happen with this snowfall tomorrow.   I've got to get busy unpacking some boxes.   I was so tired of it all last night, that I only unpacked 2 1/2 really big boxes.
However, I did find some important things:  4 cereal bowls and my silverwear.   So, I can almost start cooking food!
P.S.  I am just so excited that the Internet is so much faster here than it was in GERMANY... it means:  I CAN POST PHOTOS and SHARE THEM!   Yeah!!
As always, click on the photos... for a larger/clearer view.


Renna said...

My daughter made a number of trips to Amsterdam with friends, while living in Germany. She loved it, but her last trip there was the least rewarding. Someone picked her wallet from her handbag. She didn't lose much money, but she did lose her drivers license, and military ID. Worst of all was losing her passport. She barely managed to get her new one back in time to (literally hours to spare) to make a trip to Venice w/her fiancee' and his family.

She and her husband spent Christmas in Scotland a few years ago (while living in England), and loved it.

As to your imcompleted felted bag project, you sound like me. I have more unfinished projects than I care to mention. I'm great at starting things, but not so much at finishing. ;-)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Not the MILITARY ID????

We are programed about the value of that particular ID! My wallet was stolen two times while overseas.

One time I lost that valuable military ID and another time... my passport.

But, you have to file a police report w/ the military MP's for both of them... because 'both' items are property of the US GOVERNMENT!

I also got special 'checks on my passport' for several years... because my name was flagged as someone that had reported a stolen passport before.

Maybe we should gather up all of our unfinished (I'm sure I'd win at having the most unfinished items?) and try to finish at least 2 of them? I can't do it now-- because of the unpacking that needs to be done.