Friday, December 14, 2012

First snowfall and other news

It snowed last weekend.  Nothing much... only about 1 1/2 inches.  This is my neighbor's yard to the immediate right (open gate/driveway is mine) and then the next neighbor over has old statues in the front of their yard.   Actually, they make a great landmark when telling people where your house is located.

I woke up this morning to more snow.  Same amount.   Maybe 2 inches?   School was not delayed or cancelled.   The kids stayed INSIDE for recess.   ALL DAY LONG.  INSIDE.  Only one MORE WEEK before winter break.   They don't usually get much snow here.  

I rushed home after work to be here in time for a delivery of a new and long awaited purchase.   Pretty, huh?

Can you guess what it is?  No, it's not a new couch or a pillow, or....

Ok, I know you'll never guess... so, I have to tell you.... *click on photos for larger, clearer views.

it is a new 'memory foam' mattress!   Ignore the room.   I just moved and nothing is up on the walls, stuff is still in boxes, and the truth is that I'm just happy that there aren't any boxes showing in the photo.  Because trust me... it is still a 'sea of boxes' around here in most of the house.

The bed was made for me 12 years ago... when I lived in another location in northern Italy.   I have never gotten to use it as a bed.  It's been in storage all of this time and I'm pretty excited to have my most favorite bed set up and with a mattress on it so I can actually use it!   I did sew the bed skirt a few years ago and I used it with my other bed.  I guess I'll have to figure out another way to sew up a bed skirt for it or maybe I could see if the BX has one for sale?

I'm having company visit from Germany during winter break (as in: NEXT WEEKEND) and I need to get this house unpacked enough that it looks like someone lives here... at least in the public areas.   I just hope to get enough unpacked that I can shut the doors on the 2 rooms that have boxes stacked in them.   They will NOT be a part of the house tour!   I also plan to invite some of my new friends (people that I met while I was staying in the base hotel) over for Christmas Day 'food, movies, board games, and fun.   So, I really need to get busy over the weekend and finish this up.  

AND, put a few things up for Christmas decorations... if possible.   I looked around and there is NOT an electrical outlet outside on the front porch area-- so, any lights will have to be taped to the inside kitchen or living room windows.   I don't think I'll be able to manage a tree this year.   I did put a wreath up on the front door when I unpacked it.

I still haven't mailed any of my Christmas gifts... but, at least this time... I have a good reason...

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