Sunday, February 3, 2013

Transportation in Viet Nam

Before I left my job in Asia a few years ago for my move to Europe.   I went to Vietnam.  I had lived in Asia 4 different times and I really had never had an interest in going there.   Finally, I went and I have to say that it was one of the most interesting places that I have ever visited.  The people were so nice and seemed to have such an inner serenity about them while maneuvering in a crowded city full of crazy traffic of such vast differences.  It was almost impossible to just walk across the street and I really don't know how they managed to get anywhere; especially all the people riding the bicycles hauling a large assortment of wares.    The buildings had a French influence.  In a way, it looked a lot like the beautiful buildings in New Orleans.   The area had a French history and it really did show in the buildings.    Most of the buildings were looking old and faded... as if... they had been abandoned.   Except that people still lived in them.  Many people.  The look was more of an not even the simplest upkeep, painting or cleaning of the outsides of the buildings had gone on for many years.   The buildings seemed so sad to me.   It was like they were trying to hold their heads high even if they no longer had their old grandeur, style, beauty, and mystic.

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