Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snowmen of winter

This was made last year by my art students when I was an art teacher in Germany.  I had the first class of the day draw quick sketches of snowmen playing outside and then the next class 're-drew' those images larger on the big blue paper.   As my classes came to art throughout the day... they took turns painting or using chalk for the snow and the snowmen.   

Once all the artwork was completed- I had students outline things so it would show up better on the art room door.   Our school had a door decorating contest... and photos of the doors were taken (except NO ONE took a photo of our door- except for me) and put on display on the big screen tv in the school's lobby.   Most of the doors were just decorated w/ photos of kids placed on Xeroxed elves or presents and things such as that.  Which is cute and all that... but, it was difficult to explain to the students 'why' our door was NOT displayed on the big screen tv in the lobby along with the other classes.  *It wasn't a contest where a prize was given...

So, even though my students (grades K-5th) didn't get any recognition for this adorable door design- I think that they did an amazing job!  

I kept it up from December until the end of March... because, after all.. it wasn't for a particular holiday- instead we had created 'just winter' scenes and it snowed there from October until April.   

 I smiled every time I unlocked the door and entered my classroom and it certainly made the gloomy, overcast, dreary winter days a lot brighter.   I love the simple, amazing, expressive, way that children create images as simple as snowmen/snow-women!

When I was a little girl; I was always so excited if it snowed and sometimes it snowed on my birthday since my birthday was on February 15.  Now, that I'm a teacher... I still have that eternal hope that we'll have a SNOW DAY and miss school 'every time' that it snows!   Of course, after living in Germany and never getting a snow day NO MATTER HOW often or how much it snowed for 4 seven month long winters... that dream almost got destroyed.

So, even if you love winter and snow... or if you are like me and still have that 'eternal hope' that they'll cancel school or work when it snows... I hope your winters have a few sunny days thrown in and that soon the morning light will start earlier and earlier giving us a glimpse that spring really will arrive ... eventually.

Click on the photos for a larger, clearer view.

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