Monday, February 11, 2013

The snows continue... all the way to northern Italy!

It started snowing today about 10:00.  That fine mist type of snow that is slick and the wind was blowing the snow sideways-- right into your eyes!  WE continued with school all day long.  You can see how heavy it is on the very busy road in front of my house.  I had already shoveled the sidewalks and steps 2 times.   We have a 2 hour start delay in the morning!   I'm glad for that- because I don't look forward to driving on slick roads 'here'... I have a feeling that they don't have as much 'snow driving' experience as Germany.  I know that this is true.    We ended up with about 5 inches of snow.   The weather predicts snow/rain mix during the night.   It's not the same as the current 'snow blizzard' on the East coast of the states... but, then again... this is ITALY and they just don't usually get a lot of snow!  


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