Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carnevale in Venice...

Have you ever wanted to be in Venice, Italy for Carnevale?  It is a madhouse full of tourists, people in costume posing for photos, and people taking photos...  I've only been to it 2 or 3 times.  I really don't enjoy it as much as a regular day in Venice... to be honest... because, to be honest... I'm just not a fan of big crowds.  I've only attended during the daytime to take photos... so, I can't share what being there at night would be like?   How do you like the costume in the last photo?   This is a costume.. that drew a lot of attention as this person was walking quickly through the sidewalk along the area of St. Mark's Square. (the back up close clearly looks like it is molded rubber... however, from this far away... it's very realistic!)   I love how everyone is staring at her departure as she walks away!   *click on the photos for a larger image!

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