Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paperwork... how I loathe you

Paperwork to me feels like a pokey tight wreath is around my neck with each pokey branch representing all the different things that I need to do... except it doesn't make me smile like this guy!

  1. yet... I really do need to file my medical claims, etc, and maybe even do my taxes soon... so, that some MONEY will be coming my way... to help tide me over in case they actually, REALLY end up doing a furlough for US GOVERNMENT employees...  because you see dear readers... I'm a school teacher.. but, I happen to teach the children of the US Military deployed overseas and we are also considered government workers... (trust me:  WE are not making the big bucks that the 'real civilian workers' can make, depending on their jobs and length of service- we're a different group- almost considered 'seasonal workers' since we work for 10 months per year).   So, it is possible that we will end up having to be 'furloughed' and if we are... that equals to a 20% pay cut!  WOW!   So, we are some of the people that Congress (and the president) probably isn't even aware will be affected by a furlough (if one happens).  *The 20% paycut also affects your retirement salary, Retirement plan (I have a 401k that I put the max amount that I am allowed by law (as a government employee)... but, that max amount that I can put in -- is a percentage of one's salary and if they cut my salary by 20% that means I can put even LESS $$ in my 401k Retirement plan.  WHICH if it is now reduced by 20% will equal to the salary about what I was making over 15 years ago!   There hasn't been a pay increase in recent years and before that it usually averaged 1%- 1.5%.  
  2. I am doing laundry and cleaning house today.
  3. Later, I will do paperwork.   *Not putting it off... honest!  (The housework really needs to be done, trust me on this.)
  4. I'm also starting 3 on line college courses to get re-certified for my teaching degree.
  5. I guess that is good... since, I'll save $ by not having any TIME to do any traveling- because I'll be busy doing homework/reports/tests for the on line classes???

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