Sunday, March 16, 2014


What is this creeping through the jungle grass?   Could it be?????

A wild tiger and her 'tiger' kitten?  
Today, I have spent almost the entire day going through boxes of things (as I seem to do every weekend for the past couple of months or so)...  these particular boxes were from a storage delivery that had been in the states for many years.   Once, I found this really large house- I sent for my storage with the plan to go through things to find things to get rid of because... let's be honest... I, along with many of us... have just too much stuff.  It was easy to have too many things-- since, my job would pay for the storage in the states while I was overseas.   SO, if you don't have 'all of this stuff' in your house LETTING YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF... it is easy to dis-reguard that you have too much stuff- if you don't see it!

In one box, I found a couple of old ratty holey quilts that my grandmother had used as a mattress padding.  I had cut one apart to make pillows, angels or something long ago.   In this same box I found the above animals that I hadn't seen in many years.  I forgot that I had them.   My same 'step-grandmother' had put them away for me when I grew too old for them.   I don't have many items from my childhood.  That is what happens when you have younger siblings- they tend to take over or destroy your possessions.  

I loved cats and kittens when I was young (still do) and no one could find a stuffed cat toy in small town rural Oklahoma when I was a child-- so, they got the next best thing.   A big stuffed tiger.   Later the smaller one was added to my collection.   I was about 3 or 4 the year that I got them.   I loved them.   The big one was the mama tiger; of course.   The eyes have been loved off of the big one and the baby tiger only has one eye left.

I only had one other stuffed animal.  I think someone made it for me.  It was a black mop looking thing with long black yarn for hair sewed on.  I think it was supposed to be a laying down dog?   I seem to remember that the hair had a middle part and I spent a lot of time 'combing' it with my fingers to make the hair go in the right directions.  I have no idea as to what happened to it?

I never had a Teddy Bear as a child.   Sad, huh?   Years later, one of my friends bought me a little teddy bear.  I still have him.  He sits on a shelf where my yarn/etc. is stored.  I guess he is guarding the yarn? 

The tigers have been sealed back into the box with the ratty old quilts.   After all, they might get cold.

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