Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Purses...

Generally, I don't tend to carry purses.   Let me clarify that... I used to intensely dislike carrying purses.   IF I had to carry a purse- my motto was... "The smaller the better" and about all that would fit would be my keys, some money, and my ID.  However,  IF I could get away with it- I would just put my ID, some money, and my keys in a pocket.   However, now that I am all grown-up and like to haul my knitting around with me along with a water bottle and sometimes my Ipad (before the glass screen got shattered) or my Kindle Fire (bought as a replacement this summer so that I'd have a way to use email/etc. while recovering from my knee surgery).  I also need to carry an emergency inhaler and my classroom keys.  I usually carry one of those small packages of tissue.   The tissue carrying is from living in Asia and most of the time there wouldn't be any 'tissue' in the public bathrooms- so, you learn to carry tissue with you at all times.   I also carry one of those small bottles of hand-cleaner for the same reason... you'd be surprised at how often that there would be NO SOAP or paper towels in the public bathrooms too.   I also usually have a small knitting project or something to read with me.  Add of this together and it is TOO MUCH to carry around in pockets.   Even coat pockets.   So, I find that I need to actually carry a purse around.  I do tend to still haul around a small backpack- maybe it is the 'I'm not going to carry a purse around defiance?'   Who knows?   However, I have decided that I do need some 'nice' purses in a variety of colors that will match almost everything that I might find myself wearing in the future... and I felt obligated to purchase at least ONE Italian purse while living in Italy- since, I didn't do so the other 2 times that I lived in Italy.
A good basic soft tan color.  I loved this one.  

Do you see the KNITTING stitch pattern?  HOW, could I not buy this?  And, it is in blue-- one of my favorite colors too!   It is a soft swede leather. 

You can just barely see the light tan top... I like how the handles sometimes have stitching details on them.   Very nice quality purses and of course... I would 'never' pay full price.  I have so enjoyed my times living overseas-- getting to buy the local stuff at prices far, far less than what the store purchase price would be.  
.  I might go back and buy another purse.   In a black color?   I wanted to go now while they still had some of the 'winter colors/styles' in stock.  I wish that I had thought about going earlier when there were even more choices. 
 So, when I was out doing my shopping errands this weekend- I went to an Italian purse designer and bought a few purses at awesome 'very discounted' prices.   That's one thing- I got sturdy leather purses because- I want the purse to be able to handle being 'thrown around' since, I'm not all that careful- I think it is from years of hauling backpacks around while shopping in the markets and traveling about all over the world? 


Anonymous said...

Love getting a new purse. Love all your choices.

Tenaj said...

I can see why you bought all three.....beautiful. My backpack/purse only holds wallet, mini iPad, coupons and keys. I have tried to stuff in a knitting project, but then I must take everything out to find my wallet.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

All 3 of these are larger than what I'd usually carry-- but, they are also 'lightweight'... since, 2 of them were out of swede.

I saw many, many purses that I'd like to have and that isn't usually the case. Maybe, I should buy one in all the colors that I like and then I'll any 'purse carrying' need met.

I do usually just carry either a teacher bag (those cloth or nylon rectangle bags w/ a handle that many people use for food shopping now) or my mini-backpack. AND, I know exactly what you mean... I have to take everything OUT of the mini-backpack to find things.

Humm... I think I might go to the bank and get more EURO and go back there on SATURDAY? The only thing that I've really been buying here is: yarn

Tenaj said...

When you pack to relocate you can stuff the purses with yarn.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I'll have to buy more purses to store my yarn! :D