Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting lost can help you find a new bakery.

Looks good, huh? 
Today, I went back to the purse factory and the small showroom floor shop selling purses.   They had lots of new additions of the new spring line.   The song, "IF I were a rich man" was spinning in my head... (ok, with a variation ... "IF I were a rich woman...") as I looked at all the lovely new models and colors.   A room just full of leather purses.  (Sorry for those that think it is wrong to make things out of leather.)

I did buy a basic black leather purse and a red one which is what I had gone there to purchase the last time-- but, I got overwhelmed by all the choices and left the store without my black or red purse.   I did buy a blue and green and a medium brown leather purse though on my visit several days ago.

So, today... I did buy my intended colors.  I stuck to the plan (mostly).   It's a good thing that I did go back because... there were ONLY 3 black purses being sold.  I got the only one that was a solid black.  AND, 'bonus' ... I liked it.  No, I loved it!

And, the other day... while cooking something or other.  I cut into a bell pepper and look at what I found.   Has anyone ever found this cute little thing inside?  It was kind of like opening up the kinder eggs to get the surprise toy inside. 

Today, on the way home from the 'purse' store... I decided to go to a different location, that is near my house, and I put this place in my navigation device.   Oh my... does my 'navigation' device like to take me traveling around.  Even in my limited knowledge of the area... I knew that I wasn't going the right way.  
I love the little spiral pepper center. 
 So, I finally found a place to pull over and wouldn't you know the exact place that I found just happened to be next to a house and my car was partially in front of the wrought iron gate that locks 'driveways' and houses in Italy.   Not a problem 'usually' but, I just happened to glance over and sure enough there is a car 'with a driver in it' and clearly wanting out of his driveway!  Oops.   At this point, I just put in my own little Italian town and drove home.   That was enough excitement for the day.  However, in my 'random route' that the navigation system was taking me on-- I did find a tiny little bakery and I bought a small round loaf of whole grain bread.   I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't take a photo of the very old building where this tiny bakery was located.  So, the 'different route' wasn't a lost cause because I love home-made Italian bread- especially the whole grain breads. 

I just cut the bread open and I added the photos.  The inside is the softest bakery bread that I have ever purchased.   I grabbed some soft local cheese and spread it on pieces of the end piece that I cut off of the round loaf.   So, so, so good... ubbmsuummummm nom, nom...  (that's me eating the bread)

*P.S. You can click on the photos for an even larger yummy view.


Tenaj said...

If I lived there I would live on bread. Love it ! Love it ! Love it!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

The bread that I bought on Saturday was amazing! So soft, full of whole grains, crusty crust. Just perfect.

I dipped some w/ dark green olive oil (from the first pressing bottle that I bought at a olive festival last year) and some balsamic vinegar. YUMMY.