Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm a fan of 'finding things' by accident... it's how I've found some great shopping places and awesome meals..

Last Saturday, I went on a morning shopping trip.  First stop was to the 'purse store', then to the yarn shop, and the last stop was going to be to the 'big Italian grocery store' that is just a few miles from my house.   All 3 stops made a big circle, of driving, in the local area.  On the way, to the grocery store... and going in a totally different way than usual since I was coming from a different direction than I usually do.  I remembered that one time the navigon device took me through the farming fields, old villas, etc.   While it was a scenic route-- it was many miles out of the way.   So, after we'd driven several miles-- I decided to find a place to pull over to check things out.    Finding a place to pull over isn't that easy in rural areas of Italy- since, there are no 'shoulders' on the roads or lots of parking areas.   I finally saw a side road and I took it- hoping to find a place to pull over.  I actually found an area big enough for a few cars to park.   At the same time, I happened to notice a sign with a name of a restaurant and an arrow pointing further down the street.   So, I decided that I'd drive a few blocks to see if I could find the restaurant in question.   I did.  Someone was cleaning the sidewalk in front of the huge restaurant- so, I got out and pointed to my watch to the number 12 indicating that I was asking if the place was open for lunch that day.  *THEY do not open prior to 12 noon.  He nodded yes.   So, we decided to continue on to the grocery store and return for lunch at the new place.   THAT is actually only about 2 1/2 to 3 miles away from my rental house-- just down a road that I had not traveled on before.
 This place had HOME-MADE CRACKERS and wonderful bread. 
I got a lobster pasta dish with home-made pasta.   It was good.   I loved the zucchini flower decoration.

My friend got this for her dessert.   They served wine w/ the pasta course and our dessert.   We did not order a main meat dish or any sides.  

This is what I got.   TIRAMISU ... it was heavenly.   So good you sigh out loud eating it.  I thought the cup had a great handle on it too.  I didn't drink my wine.  I was driving.   I did taste it-- very light and fresh.  
Once we arrived in the lobby... I saw a painting on the wall and realized that I had been here once about 3 years ago... when I came down by bus on a military MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) bus trip from my old base in Germany.   We had been here about the same time of the year too- for Carnavale. 

Here's the painting:  right here

The food at this place was great.  As soon as I saw the painting in the lobby- I knew that I had to order dessert.  This place has the 'best' tiramisu that I have ever had anywhere.

 I just can't believe it was less than 3 miles from my rental house-- just down a road that I had yet to drive on... and of course, I wouldn't have found it at all- had I not wanted to find a place to stop to check on the navigon to make sure 'she' wasn't taking us on the long back roads.

 It is going to be my 'go to' place to eat.   Just goes to show you... it pays to take the 'road' less traveled (by yourself).


Tenaj said...

What was your friends dessert? They both look yummy!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

My friend's dessert was some sort of 'frozen custard'? I think that the top was little sugar pieces? It looks like the sugar chunks that are on top of the Panatone cakes at Christmas anyway.

She said that the little puffs of white along the plate were frozen meringue pieces and that they were yummy too.

I really should have asked for a bite- but, while I always offer a piece of my food to anyone (not places that I'm eating from or I offer it at the beginning in case people are squeamish about eating after others)...

Of course, not everyone does this in return.

Sometimes the food in Italy is so good- you don't want to share. I just share so that others can 'experience' other foods without the risk of ordering something that they might NOT LIKE? :D

This place is having a big meal to celebrate "Woman's Day" on March 8. They had a big special menu posted for the event.