Saturday, January 26, 2013

Italian Bakery in my little town has been found and VISITED!!

The bread.  I got 3 yeast rolls and 2 small loaves of bread.

I live at the edge of a little town and I had looked around for a bakery and never saw one and there is really only the one main street w/ a few stores/etc.  So, I was beginning to think that the town was just too small to have a bakery?   I finally found one on one of the side streets.   Problem is... I leave for work before they are open and since it is a bakery... they are closed around 1:30 and way before I get off work.   Since today was...Saturday, I decided to make a stop to check it out.   Cute bag, huh?   I cut open the round loaf and was quite happy to discover that it was full of chopped walnuts!  I love fresh walnut bread!   The small rectangle bread?  It was full of fresh black olives!   nom, nom, nom...   I did eat a little of all 3 types of bread with my lunch!   All of this cost less than $3.00!!!   It was soooooooooooo good too!    Darn it... why do they have to have limited hours?  I guess I can get bread on Saturday mornings????  

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