Thursday, January 31, 2013


Much did this bottle of water cost???????


Figaro said...

My dutch husband says 1.59-2.00 euro...

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Not even close!

I was in Poland on a Polish Pottery shopping trip. It was summer. It was hot. I had forgotten to bring water with me on the 6 hour bus ride from where I lived in Germany.

We were about to depart the area for the long trip back to Germany. I noticed a coffee shop sort of place across the street a ways. I walked over there... got a bottle of water... took it to the counter and the ... cost?

7 euro! ($9.00 USA about)

Ha ha... I mean it is POLAND... A Polish pottery coffee cup is only $3.00 (USA) cost! How on earth could water cost this much?

Well, you see... I apparently paid the tourist price! I gave in and bought the water... I just considered it a 'donation'... (and that I'd gotten ripped off)

I took my VERY valuable bottle of water back to the group waiting to load up on the bus... told them the cost... and they all took turns admiring my 'expensive' special bottle of water! :D

*BUT, the price that it would have cost to purchase anywhere else... including somewhere in Poland would have been what your husband suggested!

Ah... the joys of travel... sometimes you find a bargain... sometimes you get OVERCHARGED!