Sunday, January 27, 2013

First yarn purchase in 2013

I found a yarn shop!  
I bought some really soft, nice thinnish yarn to knit up one of those cardigans that are really popular now.   I got this amazing turquoise blue color.   While I was there I found some 'sparkly, fun fur-ish' type of yarn.  Perfect for some sort of Christmas ornament knitting in the future!    Then, I went back and bought some yarn (the orange stuff) for my friend (she's now working in England) that I taught how to knit when we both lived in Seoul, South Korea about 7 years ago.   She loves, LOVES orange colors!  The colors aren't showing up as nice as they are in person.  I had taken the photos w/ my Ipad.. (my digital camera's battery is still MIA... I found it once; but I didn't know exactly where the camera was... it was in the middle of all the first rush of unpacking!)   The big skein of yarn is a soft, pumpkin color and the two skeins of the baby mohair are more of a soft 'red-orange' color.   I don't wear orange colors... but, I thought that both were lovely colors and I know that my friend will love them!.   The blues are all my yarns.   My mohair yarn is really a soft 'robin's egg blue' color that was just lovely.   I bought two different blues for 'maybe' two different cardigans?  Or a cardigan and a lovely rectangle shawl/scarf thingy?   Now, if I only had enough time to knit all the things that I have ideas for....    My friend, in England, is going to purchase me some BRITISH knitting magazines equal to the cost of the yarn that I bought her.   She is coming to visit during our mutual 'school's spring break' (we work for the same company/people/government- just in different locations) in April.   So, we'll do some knitting, yarn shopping, and tourist sight seeing.   Hopefully, I'll have my digital camera and battery all located in one location so the photo quality will be better?    ALSO, for some reason... I'm not allowed to space between my sentences/etc.?   Strange... so, I'm sorry for the long paragraph of words! 

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