Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dead Fish Hats

I love how they turned out!   The youngest boy, almost 3 years old, got the 'downsized' hat with a blue background.  He loved it and wanted to wear it... but, since it was 105*F we told that he could wear it when it got cold outside.   I used some white felt for the eyes and just stitched an X on the eyes with some thin black yarn scraps that I had.   I wasn't able to post the photos when I lived in Germany DUE TO THE INTERNET SLOW WORKING ISSUES and as a result:  LIMITED ABILITY to download/share photos!  So, when I came across these photos today - I thought that I'd share them on my blog.

Has anyone else knitted this hat pattern?  It is a free pattern and is easy to follow.  I changed things around on the little blue hat since I was totally making it up to downsize it anyway.  I like how the fish fins look better on the blue one too.  I made them fuller and more natural looking (to me anyway).


Unknown said...

I love this hat! Especially the blue one. Could you share your pattern for making the smaller sized hat with the more realistic fins? Thanks for the post! ~Rabbit

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I'm sorry... I really don't remember what/how I knitted the little hat. I did knit the bigger sized one (the size that the pattern is for) first and then I adjusted how many stitches I cast on and how long I knitted the body/etc.

I also just 'winged' the fins as I knitted them to make them (what I thought) better/more realistic looking.

The first hat (bigger one)that I knit, I knitted it according to the pattern directions 'Dead Fish Hat' found on or

I gave the hats away and I haven't seen them since. They are thousands of miles away from where I live- I'm sorry. I wish that I could help more. I should have taken notes for my changes... in case I wanted to knit another smaller sized hat again.

Maybe if you look at the hats laying side by side... it will help you see some of the changes that I did?