Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Since, the snow isn't leaving anytime soon... I'm running away from the snow...

If everything goes ok.. I'll be in Italy by Friday.. for a few days. I'm leaving on Thursday night.. riding a bus all night long.. (oh boy.. that should be a lot of fun- Try as I might, I don't sleep on public transportation) and we'll be in northern Italy early Friday morning.

Soon.. I'll be in just a NORMAL WINTER location.. and maybe some sunshine?? I can only hope, right?

I'll be going to some of the places that I used to visit and also very close to where I lived for 3 years before I moved from there ten years ago.

WHY you ask?

1. Too much snow here
2. It's my birthday on Monday the 15th (isn't it nice that others get to be
off work on my birthday this year too.. just trying to share my own
birthday in a way that will be appreciated by the most people.. I figure that
getting the day off from work.. is a good start, right?)
3. TOO MUCH SNOW.. I need some blue skies..

Update: IT started snowing again this morning about 6am.. and it has snowed all day long... ALL DAY.. fine mist snow.. = slick roads


YowlYY said...

Ooooh...are you going to Italy for the Carnival?? My ex-boyfriend and my co-workers in Bavaria are cursing about the winter. In fact, it reminds me of my first winter spent there, back in 1987! The last time it snowed was in April, on Easter Monday, but I sincerely hope you don't have to endure this too!
Enjoy Italy :) (buying any yarn while you're there??)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...


Yarn shopping? I'm with a group.. so, it is doubtful that I'll go to an actual 'yarn shop'.. but, I did request that we get to visit MARKET DAY somewhere.. while we are there.. and when I lived in Italy-- I bought wonderful Italian yarns at Market Day.. (the town that I lived in was small- less than 4,000 people.. and our market day.. had 3 yarn sellers.. and one of them got his stock from a HUGE YARN STORE SOMEWHERE..

because, if he didn't have enough skeins.. of something that I wanted- he'd call his shop... to check to see what they had in stock.. I'd pay him.. in advance.. and the next week on market day.. I'd walk by his shop (I walked to work-- and he was always there early setting up for Market day) and I'd pick up my yarn from him.

SO.. fingers crossed.. I do plan on buying yarn.. and enjoying my return visit to Italy and my escape from the SNOW...

Yes, we'll see the Carnivale.. (spelling? I'm trying to remember the Italian way- but, it's been too long since I lived there.) I went only 1x in the three years that I lived in northern Italy.. so many tourists... sigh.. (hee hee.. like I'm a native Italian, right? However, when you live there.. you know that you are not a regular TOURIST!) :D

JelliDonut said...

Have a fabulous time, and happy birthday!

Renna said...

The area of Texas where I live rarely gets snow. Today was an exception to that rule, so, while you're weary of it, I'm jumping up and down with excitement of the fact that it has snowed all day here. ;-Þ

Enjoy your trip, and enjoy your birthday. I know I we share a birthday! :-) I've no doubt my birth day was a few years before yours, though.