Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a blah day... I'm in a 'meh' type of mood...

Could it be because.. I spent over an hour shoveling the new snow (only 4 inches this time) off of the balcony? And, just as I was finishing.. it started snowing 'AGAIN'

However, I did feel kind of 'winter daring' to go out on the balcony in shoes without socks and wearing only a jacket. I also knew that I'd get hot pretty fast beating on the frozen snow, to break it up, with my pretty blue plastic snow shovel too.

Then, I chopped up some frozen snow on part of the sidewalk in front of my house.

Truthfully, I'm just really tired of the snow.. The snow that is currently on the ground has been there for weeks! It just gets deeper with each snowfall. I'm tired of seeing snow everywhere I look. I'm tired of the white, gray, and dismal skies.

I really think that 6 months of winter is just too long for my inner peace of mind. I already knew that I wasn't a big fan of winter.. I don't mind a couple of snowfalls per year. However, I do need to experience the gentle warmth of sunshine here and there. Sunshine seems to help - at least, I think so. Germany just doesn't have sunshine in the winter time ... except on rare, rare occasions. I mean it is so rare.. that people will comment about the SUNSHINE.. even carrying the comments over to a day or so after the rare bout of sunshine. Let me put it this way, you have no need to wear sunglasses in Germany in the winter.

Do you ever have those 'meh/blah' kind of days? Where 'even though you know it isn't true'.. that the rest of the world is probably having exciting days, fun weekends full of plans, a clean and organized home, clothing all ironed and put away in nice neatly folded stacks, no dying plants, and they also have a frost free freezer with an automatic ice dispenser?

I did finish up a knitted baby hat for an upcoming baby shower. I'd show you a photo- but, my camera battery is dead.. yes, it died on my way back from my Italy trip on Monday night.. yes, only 6 nights ago.. have I remembered to re-charge the battery yet? No, but.. I'm sure that those people with the 'exciting lives' would have already done so! ha ha

I don't experience days like this very often.. but, I always think that they are an indicator that your spirit is unsettled, it needs change, either that or I need enough money to hire a housekeeper! :D

*PS The photograph of the painting was in the entryway of a big fancy restaurant that my 'tour group' went to for a great lunch last week. I do have a funny story to tell about that meal.. and I will tell it.. once the 'blah mood' lifts.

PSS.. It is now snowing heavy. Sigh


JelliDonut said...

I LOVE that painting--it's exactly how I feel about the winter we are having in Colorado right now. We usually have lots of sunshine in the winter, which will melt the snow until the next storm. But not this year. 'Meh' says it all.

Karen said...

Perfect painting to illustrate that post. I, too, am tired of the snow. I lived in Alaska for well over a decade and remember it not being "so bad." But now that I've been gone a couple years, I have no patience for the white stuff lingering on. Hurry up, Spring!