Monday, July 20, 2009

Unpacked treasures...

Here are a few items that were in this storage shipment..

Hand painted tile scene... This is old Gaeta, Italy as seen from the harbor. I lived up on the mountain and my view from my house was looking down on these castles.

My Italian wrought iron balcony planters! I gave quite a few away when I moved away from my first location in Italy- which I left in 2000- but, I did end up keeping 5 or 6 of them and they were in this storage shipment. I finally put some flowers that I bought (whispers 2 months ago) and had been sitting on the balcony in their tiny little plastic containers while waiting for me to 'replant' them. I finally did that this week. They did seem to stretch their little roots out and breathe a sigh of relief.

I really like these planters because they are adjustable. Some of the wingnuts got lost- so, I stopped at the local German 'hardware/garden type of store'... I had to buy a package of the screws (5) and a package of the wing nuts (5) for a grand total of almost 8 euro. Cost USA? About $11.00 or so. I only needed two.. :(

I also had to buy wooden slats for my bed.. for some 'strange' reason they did not come in the storage shipment with the bed.. which I had been sleeping in before my household goods were put into storage 4 years ago. A mystery for sure.

My coat rack! Made for me by the same guy who made my wrought iron bed.. that wouldn't go up the narrow German staircase last week.

This is an old, old wine jug... I got this years ago.. probably 1999? It is what the 'wine delivery guy' put wine in when he came to the houses on his wine delivery days. I found this in the 'big stuff trash' throw away place... apparently, it was being tossed to make way for the more modern 'plastic basket woven looking' new style. I think it's pretty neat looking. And, yes.. when I'd walk to work.. I'd sometimes see the local wine delivery wagon pulled up outside a house.

AND, I found a stack of old Vogue Knitting magazines in my storage shipment.



way cool stuff! isn't it great to rediscover your treasures?

Jana said...

When I go home and unpack MY storage, I KNOW I won't find anything nearly as great or fun! Except for my Czech crystal that was my mothers!
I wonder if I still have any old crochet mags from years ago in my craft stuff? Don't know WHY I even got them, since I didn't crochet a stitch until 4 years ago since High School!