Friday, July 31, 2009

Nana boo boo... my staircase has more narrow turns than your staircase does

Do you remember when I wrote that my new 'wrought iron' bed.. that had been made for me before I left Italy 4 years ago and had been sent to storage when I left Italy and that I had this same storage shipment delivered a few weeks ago .. didn't get put in my bedroom because the bed couldn't get up the narrow staircase?

WELL, here's why the bed couldn't come upstairs... Isn't this the most narrow stair case that you've ever seen?? *To be inside a house that is leading to a main floor (the bedrooms)... especially in the land of 'no closets' and you have to purchase free standing 'wardrobes' (like a small free standing closet or what would be found in some dorm rooms) and use them for your clothing hanging/storing needs...

The bed that is now laying on its side in the basement storage room. Sigh.. At least, I can go down and look at it every so often.

Prior to this shipment delivery, I had only put 3 framed items on the wall before this shipment came.. (hanging in the hallway- so, that when people entered my house.. at least there was the illusion that I decorated something.) I did this because, I knew that when the storage shipment (that got delayed for several months) would have a lot of furniture in it and I didn't want to try to nail things in this hard as plaster.. plaster walls.. until the furniture was all in place. Sometimes you get holes nailing nails in the hard plaster walls.. which I'll have to fill in and paint over when I move out...

One of the things that I did... before my company arrived last week.. was to put artwork up all over the house. I even have a few things in the laundry room!

Since, this is the first time that I've ever lived with a staircase inside a home I wanted to put artwork up on the walls along the staircase- I've always liked that look. So, I decided to put artwork from Italy. All are places that I've either lived or visited. I love the results.


Narnian said...

it may be narrow, but it sure is beautiful!!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks!! I do like how all the framed art work looks on the stairwell.

This is the first time that I've lived in a house with stairs.